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Melanie Walker: I Wonder

Melanie is not timid when it comes to singing for the Lord. She started at age 11 and hasn't stopped since. God has truely put a song in her heart.

Her music is a blend of Bluegrass, Southern and Country Gospel. The sound will lift your spirts and comfort your soul. The message will change your life.

In addition to Melanie's singing, she also owns Palah Life and Business coaching (Palah is a hebrew word used in the psalms meaning "Wonderful and causing wonderful things to happen"). Believing God created us wonderfully to do wonderful things, she works with individuals to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. She also speaks on topics related to overcoming obsticles and living life with purpose.

She and her husband, Gerald, live in West Frankfort, Illinois (at the bottom of the state). Gerald works with Melanie and provides the support (meaning the work) to keep this ministry moving forward.

God provides the opportunities and prepares the way.

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