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Tamra Comstock: Last Time I Felt Like This

Tamra Comstock

Tamra Comstock didn't set out to become a Christian entertainer, but she is both.

Comstock's music has country roots with decidedly Christian lyrics. "I mostly sing Christian music in secular venues," she said. "It's my redemption for the 15 years I spent singing to drunk people in bars."

Comstock lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for 10 years and developed quite a local following. "I was the 'Queen of Billy Bob's,'" she said, referring to a popular nightspot that bills itself as "the world's largest honky tonk."

After moving to Orlando, where she performed at Disney's Pleasure Island and Church Street Station, Comstock developed a spiritual yearning. She accepted Christ after a Methodist minister came to visit her where she was performing, unaware that she had also visited his church.

Comstock said she couldn't feel comfortable continuing to sing in bars. Still, she felt God leading her to take her newfound faith into secular settings. In the past year she has performed for NASCAR fans at 21 races, and has worked with Bill Glass in 12 large prison ministry programs, along with appearances at fairs, trade shows and other events.

Sports and entertainment have become America's worship, she said, providing appropriate venues for sharing the gospel. "God came to me where I was," she said. Now she wants to carry the gospel to where the fans are.

In her church, Comstock is working with young artists to train up future "musicianaries" committed to sharing their faith in similar settings.

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