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Twice Robin: Birds of a Feather

Twice Robin

Robin Rena Youngblood & Robin Dale Bullock, met in the hills of Blount county Alabama in 1977. Both played for different groups, however they were destined to be together forever. Married in 1979, so young some said they would never make it, but they're still together today.

Lady Robin began singing almost from the time she could talk. In their family church, Youngblood Chapel, where the band consisted of an acoustic guitar and an old bass drum, Robin stood on a piano stool and sang; She was 3 years old. Robin has her own unique rich voice that has led the group to five nationally charted singles. How such a giant voice can come from such a petite lady is truly remarkable. From age three on a piano stool, to her appearance on the Grand Ole Opry, Robin's voice was destined to be heard around the world!

Boy Robin's background is somewhat different. He has been on the road since he was born. Mr. Robin's dad played for people like Doug Kershaw and Tommy Cash. Robin was inspired to play the guitar by his uncle who was dubbed the "Best in the South". When Robin performs you will see why one D.J. called him the best guitar player she had ever heard.

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