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Robin Rena Youngblood and Robin Dale Bullock, met in the hills of Blount county Alabama in 1977. Both played for different groups, however they were destined to be together forever. Married in 1979, so young some said they would never make it, but they're still together today.

Lady Robin began singing almost from the time she could talk. In their family church, Youngblood Chapel, where the band consisted of an acoustic guitar and an old bass drum, Robin stood on a piano stool and sang; She was 3 years old. Robin has her own unique rich voice that has led the group to five nationally charted singles. How such a giant voice can come from such a petite lady is truly remarkable. From age three on a piano stool, to her appearance on the Grand Ole Opry, Robin's voice was destined to be heard around the world!

Boy Robin's background is somewhat different. He has been on the road since he was born. Mr. Robin's dad played for people like Doug Kershaw and Tommy Cash. Robin was inspired to play the guitar by his uncle who was dubbed the "Best in the South". When Robin performs you will see why one D.J. called him the best guitar player she had ever heard.
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Birds of a Feather
  1. He Is Always There  Play
  2. Playing With The Big Boys  Play
  3. I'll Never Turn Away  Play
  4. Birds Of A Feather  Play
  5. When The Roll Is Called Up Yon...  
  6. You're Not Home Yet  
  7. There's A Key To Our House  
  8. Then Came You  
  9. Since I Met The Saviour  
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Congratulations to Gayla Earlene and Her "Pure Country Band"
The Texas International Music Awards were Held in October and Terajay's very own Gayla Earlene won Entertainer of the year honors....
But the awards don't stop there... October 21st of 2006, Gayla's band "Pure Country" won the CGMA's (Country Gospel Music Association) "Band of the Year" honors.... Congratulations Gayla and band.
You can find Gayla Earlene's product right here on the Terajay Website.

Radio Host talks about Branded's new Christmas album
Even though seasonal in presentation you might find you want to play this one by Branded all year around. It's got a lot of heart, soul and a sense of humor wrapped up in this wonderful Christmas addition to the season. From the recognizable standards that when you hear them you will also hear Brandedís original stamp on each tune. Included are a couple of acoustic style, heart-stirring originals, "First Christmas In Heaven" and "King In The Cradle", along with last years hit "King Of Glory". Then there's a few that are just dance around the Christmas tree fun in "No White Christmas's In Houston". And you know these boys are proud Texas born, they would have to be to also include a Texas swing version of "O Holy Night". Make sure to expand your Christmas season music library with Brandedís new Christmas CD. It will bring
you the joys of the season for years to come.

Robby Lynn
Sunday's Kind Of Country
Syndicated Radio & Video Program

New Albums Available!!! Branded and Cross Country
Branded has a brand new Christmas album, just released, that is sure to keep your toes tapping in that Texas Style that they do so well...with classic Christmas Hyms and soulfully written original songs that could become classics...Look for it now on the Branded product page of this site...
Cross Country is allowing you to Worship in a style they have dubbed "Contemporary Country Worship"..
With classic worship songs like, "Lord I Lift Your Name On High", "Strong Tower", Come Now Is The Time To Worship", and many more, done in the Cross Country Contemporary Country style....a worship album anyone can listen to and never tire....Ask about the soundtrax for this product. Look for it on the Cross Country the band product page on this site... If you can't find what you're looking for, Call our distribution office at (903)-223-6671 and we'll handle your order...