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Gayla Earlene was raised in the small town of Inola, OK. As an only child she had a very close relationship with her parents who provided a Christian home. At the age of 11, she accepted Christ as her personal Savior.

Her dad sang and played guitar and was a huge fan of Hank Williams. Her dad's influence played a big part in her love for music and Hank is still her all time favorite songwriter and singer. It was during these early years, that she began writing poetry that soon became songwriting. She began her professional singing career at age 16.

Gayla met her husband, Gene while in the music business and they have spent their years together in both country and gospel. While in country music, they performed alongside many known personalities such as, Roy Clark, Freddy Fender, Minnie Pearl, Johnny Russell, Hank Thompson, Mel Tillis, Billy Walker and many others. In 1990, following the tragic death of her Mother to cancer, Gayla completely surrendered her all to God and it was then that God called Gayla and Gene into Christian music. While in the gospel industry they have performed with the likes of Colin Raye, Mark Wills, Connie Smith, Jack Greene, Linda Davis, Kevin Sharp, Freddie Hart, John Berry, Crystal Gayle, Marty Raybon and others.

They have been guests on many radio and tv shows and have been featured in various newspapers and magazines. Their music is being played throughout Europe, Australia and Africa as well as the USA. Their travels extend all over the US playing in various venues.

Gayla and Gene have had the distinct opportunity to perform on the Grand Ole Opry as well as the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN and have taken part during Fan Fair week where they enjoy meeting many fans and having the opportunity to share Christian Country Music to thousands.

Gayla has recorded six albums since 1994 with husband Gene as the producer and steel guitarist, along with her cousin and friend, the late Randy Hardison as her co-producer and drummer.

She recorded a Country Christmas Album in 2000 and a new Country/Christian Country project entitled "Broken Pieces" was recently released. The title song and first release from that album "Broken Pieces" went to #1 on the charts in both September and October, 2001. Her second release, "7/24/365" went to #1 status for three months consecutively, May, June & July, 2002. To date, Gayla has celebrated 7 number One songs in Christian Country Music.

In June, following the tragic death of her cousin/producer/drummer and one of Nashville’s finest songwriters, Randy Hardison, Gayla has once again turned to the Lord as her strength and song and is planning on a new album in honor of her cousin to hopefully be released next year. Randy and Gayla wrote the 9/11 heart wrencher entitled, "The Day The Planes Came".

On her way to Nashville to finish the current album, Broken Pieces, along with husband Gene Crain, the 9/11 event occurred. As a way of release and the only way she knew to cope with the happening, Gayla began to write the song and had it penned by the time they arrived in Nashville. She then handed the lyrics to her cousin Randy and he arranged the song. The next day, along with Gene, Randy and a group of the best pickers in Nashville, the song was born. Many listeners have cried tears of pain as well as joy in hearing the song. It is a song of reflection, tragedy and victory for America through our Lord Jesus Christ.
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Broken Pieces
  1. One Horse Town  Play
  2. Broken Pieces  Play
  3. I Didn't Know I Never Knew  Play
  4. I'm Alive  Play
  5. Catch It in a Bucket  
  6. He Never Could Say Goodbye  
  7. The Big Dance  
  8. The I.O.U.  
  9. 7-24-365  
  10. Love Is My Daddy  
  11. It's Such a Pretty World Today  
  12. The Day the Planes Came  

City Girl
  1. City Girl  Play
  2. The Door  Play
  3. When Grandma Prayed  Play
  4. He Was Gone  Play
  5. I Need A Change  
  6. Those Hands  
  7. Who Moved?  
  8. Silence Of The Lambs  
  9. Man With The Plan  
  10. On Holy Ground  
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Congratulations to Gayla Earlene and Her "Pure Country Band"
The Texas International Music Awards were Held in October and Terajay's very own Gayla Earlene won Entertainer of the year honors....
But the awards don't stop there... October 21st of 2006, Gayla's band "Pure Country" won the CGMA's (Country Gospel Music Association) "Band of the Year" honors.... Congratulations Gayla and band.
You can find Gayla Earlene's product right here on the Terajay Website.

Radio Host talks about Branded's new Christmas album
Even though seasonal in presentation you might find you want to play this one by Branded all year around. It's got a lot of heart, soul and a sense of humor wrapped up in this wonderful Christmas addition to the season. From the recognizable standards that when you hear them you will also hear Branded’s original stamp on each tune. Included are a couple of acoustic style, heart-stirring originals, "First Christmas In Heaven" and "King In The Cradle", along with last years hit "King Of Glory". Then there's a few that are just dance around the Christmas tree fun in "No White Christmas's In Houston". And you know these boys are proud Texas born, they would have to be to also include a Texas swing version of "O Holy Night". Make sure to expand your Christmas season music library with Branded’s new Christmas CD. It will bring
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