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Candice just released the single "Life Goes On". It is already getting reviewed and climbing the CCRB charts. Candice brings emotionally-convincing vocals to every song she sings. She has that beautiful and tender compassion that puts the 'Country' back into Christian Country.

Candice keeps a busy ministry schedule. Her life is full with a husband who is the 2001 World Champion Steer Wrestler and 2002 Winter Olympic Gold Medal winner in the Steer Wrestling event, and their two boys. Her voice with it's clear and true country sound brings a quality to her singing that reaches your heart. You'll enjoy every song. But, it doesn't stop there. Candice has let Jesus have a special place in her life. This brings a message about how Candice has faced life and leans on Jesus for everything she faces. You can read this in her newsletters.

Candice's second album "Straight and Narrow" had "I Met Jesus in Texas" on the CCRB charts for 17 weeks. Her recently released single "Life Goes On" has made it on the charts in it's first two weeks.

Candice Myers
Straight and Narrow

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